Board of Directors, Officers, and Committee Chairs
    Board of Directors


    President: Jeremy Bergman, New Castle Area School District

     President Elect: Jillian Burge, Greater Latrobe School District

    Secretary: Connie Swonger, Jeff Tech

    Treasurer: Allison Kimmel, Marion Center School District 

    Troy Golden, Albert Gallatin Area School District
    Matt Triffanoff - West Jefferson Hills School District
    Jillian Burge, Greater Latrobe School District
    Charles Brown, Uniontown School Distict
    Kaleigh Talbert, Pittsburgh Public Schools
    Kelli O'Rourke, Apollo Ridge School District 
    Meredith Bailey, Armstrong School District
    Legal Counsel
    Richard C. Gaffney, Esq.
    Committee Chairs
    Auditing: Vicki Copone, Avella Area School District
      Food and Supply Bid:  Malik Hamilton, Pittsburgh Public Schools
    Industry Committee: VACANT
    Legislative Committee - Meredith Bailey, Armstrong School District
    Nominations:  Lindsay Radzvin, North Hills School District
    Pro-Active & Marketing:  Martin Lorenzo, Gateway School District 
    Scholarship & Charitable Giving:Matt Triffanoff, West Jefferson Hills School District
    Social & Welcoming: Cherie Fleischman, Blackhawk School District
    Technology & Web Page: VACANT
    PRFSD Board Members, and all Child Nutrition Program Operators, are required to follow their local School Boards' Code of Conduct.  Minimum standards as required by USDA are recapped in the attached memo.