• Business partners are critical to the success of PRFSD and the organization's members. Our business partners include food brokers, manufacturers, distributors, equipment specialists, and dairies, to name a few. Our business partners have distinct products and offerings that are an integral part of school food service. By being a business member, you have the opportunity to present your products and/or services at any of our monthly meetings.
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    A survey was conducted with our PRFSD Industry Partners. When asked what are the opportunities that you are most pleased with as an Industry Partner of PRFSD?

    These were their responses………
    As an Industry Partner of PRFSD

    1.  I have had the opportunity to meet many of the directors/members while attending the meetings/shows.

    2.  I feel that our participation within the group has opened many opportunities for our company to become a resource for the PRFSD members who have questions about equipment or need help sourcing new equipment/supplies.

    3.  I share our industry knowledge with the members when they have any equipment needs and are not biased to specific
    brands. Whereas, a manufacturer’s representative is limited to what they would suggest since they only represent a small group of the available manufacturers that are available to meet the school’s needs which may not always be the best fit for the schools.

    4.  I like the opportunity to work with all members of the PRFSD group, large & small. The members are very willing to share their knowledge & express their needs. The open communication helps us as brokers & manufacturer representatives understand what services and products are needed. The Foodservice Directors and their staff are in direct daily contact with our customers. Their input & willingness to work with us is the key to all of us being successful.

    5.  There is a cooperative and inclusive relationship between directors and industry members, resulting is a combined effort to provide students with the best possible meals while following nutritional guidelines.

    6.  I have had the opportunity to have time in front of the directors every 6 weeks or so at the meetings. This gives industry partners the opportunity to update the directors on what is going on with our companies.

    7.  As a food service equipment rep, the opportunity to get in front of the FSD 5 times during the school year and gain a relationship with them is very important to me. I am a resource to help with pricing and purchase of replacement equipment and any other questions they might have during the school year.

    8.  Being able to be included in the meetings and shows allows me to better understand the director’s needs, concerns and goals. This in turn allows me to work alongside of them supporting a position with the USDA/state, offering products that are solutions or even going to market in a way that best suits their needs.

    9.  As an industry member, I learn what issues and items are most important to the Food Service Directors. Then I can influence what items on which we should focus.


    Additional Information…..

    • I've worked with schools and bid groups from VA/WV to Maine. PRFSD continues to stand out as the leader at bringing all facets of the business together. PRFSD provides direction and an outline to industry members on how to come to market and partner with member schools. This is extremely helpful. In addition, the various meetings throughout the year provide an avenue to really foster relationships.


    • PRFSD meetings give Industry members a great opportunity to speak with members about what is important to them. It is also a great opportunity for manufacturers to share new products or best practices with members. Also, this is an opportunity to talk with other manufacturers. Working together as a team is vital to help schools be successful.


    • Being a new member and a new broker, I've found the face to face meetings that I've set up with members the most beneficial. I get to know them and their districts and what their specific needs are. I've been able to garner interest in new products, but more importantly I get to know the members on a more professional basis.


    • I connect with the Directors and Committee Members to understand their needs and desires for their students.


    • Our Meetings are the best attended in the State to great to see everyone come out and attend.